Sunday, October 5, 2008

DSi - to buy or not to buy?

As of right now, the answer is "not to buy." This is due partly to a lack of information on the specifics of the download service, as well as what kind of DSi-exclusive games there will be. The current decision is also due to the fact that since the DS Lite is still selling SO well in the US that we won't see the DSi until late 2009 (aka Holiday Season 2009...) - well over a year.

Also, who knows how long it will actually be before an actual next generation handheld is released? The DS debuted in November 2004, so by late 2009, it will be a five year old system - which is typically the life span of a video game system.

The specifics on the DSi are enticing of course (downloadable games, MP3 and video playback, etc.), but I'm not sure if it's justifiable as of yet.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia comes out this month, and I'm pretty excited to play a new Castlevania game. They have been done masterfully on the DS, and I have no doubts whatsoever about OoE.

Silly me, upon reading on that a "storage solution" had been announced where one could play VC games straight from a SD card, I finally decided it was time to buy one. A noble cause, right? There was a correction (and an apology) in article after my purchase though - games will be able to be downloaded directly to the SD card (but not played from). Doh! Ah well... now what to do with that SD card...