Monday, January 21, 2008

"Young X-Men", Not Having a Comic Shop, and FFXII:RW Update

While on the's forums last night, I see the leaked image and info on the Young X-Men. Wow, what a disappointing development.

First off, why are they starting the title over with a new name and numbering when they Could have just renamed the current New X-Men and kept the numbering? I am very tired of 'Collectors Item #1 FIRST ISSUE ZOMG'. I wish someone would have realized long ago where books like Hulk and Captain America would be number-wise had they started over. Title change I can handle, but don't start a book over when you're just continuing the same idea as before...

ANYWAY, so the new team consists of Rockslide (lame), Wolfcub (sigh), Blindfold (she's a precog who has no eyes - a Destiny-ripoff - oh, and she's jumping on the cover - why would a blind person just be jumping? "I forsee if I jump, I shall not fall on my face!"), Dust (who shouldn't be lumped with this loser squad), and two new characters - both of which are bald.

Okay... so in follow up to my post about the New X-Men a few days ago, at least they are indeed implementing some adult leaders to this noobie squad. Apparently the leaders will be Moonstar (depowered), Magma (mental), and Sunspot (okay!).

So where are the current New X-Men ending up? Well X-23 is moving x-Force, and Hellion might be on his way out of the X-teams (possibly to The Initiative), or on his way to the afterlife after he got himself eviscerated by Lady Deathstrike. Surge, Prodigy, Anole and Pixie are up in the air right now, though one of them is supposed to be 'graduating' to the X-Men as I understand it.

I have no comic book store in my town. I typically either get my comics via duB, or from Books A Million, which stocks their comics a week late. So I'm always behind on the times. For all I know, this post is already a week outdated. It can be a little frustrating sometimes, especially now since Messiah Complex is concluding on Wednesday, and I have yet to read Chapter 12. Ah well...

An update on my Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings progress - 76% complete, and around 17 hours of gameplay. My party size has doubled since the beginning, and I no longer have to worry about whether these extra party members are going to be gone next battle or not, thereby allowing me to use them without worrying if the previous mainstays fall behind in levels or not. I've been trying not to play it too much, as I will be sad when it's over, but it's so fun, that I just can't put it down for too long.

This game has truly been a breath of fresh air, as it's been so long since I've played an RTS game - and it merges with all of those familiar and fun Final Fantasy elements one has come to love over the past 15+ years.


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